potter's house
shepherd's bush

Tel: 07725 111 608


St James's Gardens

W11 4RB

@2018 by The Potter's House Shepherd's Bush Church. 

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We are a group of Christians who believe in change through the power of the cross.


Our church, based in west London, was birthed when a couple came to west London in the mid ’90s from our mother church East london (Waltham Forest), with a vision to see the lost come to the knowledge of Christ. As a result of them obeying the call of God (Mark 16:15), this revival broke out in our area, and we have seen a steady growth in attendance over the years.


Our desire and aim is to see men and women fulfil God’s calling for their lives in the various ministries that are available for Christian believers according to God’s word and personal calling (Romans 12:5). This includes taking the Gospel outside the four walls of our church, touching neighbouring cities, and nations beyond.


We strongly believe in the pattern that was laid out to the early believers, by Christ and through the fathers of the church in the book of Acts. Our aim is to create an environment for personal spiritual growth in the church.


The various discipleship programs, bible study groups and outreach ministries - all have the purpose of building up and strengthening the body of Christ, presenting the church as an unblemished bride, for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.


The Shepherds Bush  Church is a member of the ‘Christian Fellowship Churches’, which was started in the early ’80s (Waltham Forest and also by the Pastor Wayman Mitchell) in the small town of Prescott, Arizona. This man had a vision to touch other cities for Christ (Mark 1:38).


This vision has been caught like fire by those who followed, and caused great growth for the church as many new works were started as a result.


If you are ever in Shepherds Bush , we invite you to stop by and visit us.


You are always welcome at The Potter’s House.